Artistic Luminaries since 1964

What will the artistic luminaries of the future be? As in all fields, technology advances, and we can certainly say that the luminaries of the future are the so-called LED lights. At Luminart, despite having an ancient tradition in incandescent artistic illuminations, we have now begun lighting LED installations for patronal festivals, events and we have planned installations for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

But what are the main advantages of this type of illumination?

The main strength of the LED lamps that make up the lights, is the low power consumption: just think of the difference in consumption between incandescent lamps that is 5 watts for each bulb against a consumption of LED lamps that is only 0 , 3 watts per lamp (although we must keep in mind that for the moment the light emitted is a little weaker).

But the technology is making great strides and within a few years, increasing the number of internal LEDs for each lamp will come to have the same light emission. Another advantage to underline is that the LED gives a better light view compared to the incandescent lamp.

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